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    under your bed

    Talking VITAMIN E getting rid of acne!?

    ok i have had acne on my chest since my first cycle and it has not gone away NO MATTER WHAT I DO i only can make it better or worse now i started using dawn soap and that did a little and i take vitamin a for skin and hair and then i remember i took a shower and i put some lotion on my body and chest and i noticed that the next time i looked at my chest there was a noticeably less amount of acne and i was like whoa so i read the bottle and it said mousiture therapy with vitamin E so im thinking vitaman E must be good on the skin and ive been using it for 3 days and quite happey with my results i say one more week for clear skin on my chest!!!

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    wow, maybe i should use that on my arse...

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    so vitamin e is good for ur skin?

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    Vitamin E is used a lot to clear up scaring on the skin, no maybe it is good for acne as well

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    combo of vit a, e, zinc and selenium and def moisturizer will clear up acne probs

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    guys vitamin e would take alot longer to be absorbed in the body than that. so what helped was simply stripping the oil from your body.start using b5 vitamins and use an equal solution of apple cidar vinegar and water as an can also bathe in the vinegar as well. it balances out the ph in skin. do some research on b5 it will be very helpful in keeping your skin clear

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