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    perscription acne medicine that works

    clindamycin phosphate pledgets - these are made by rx, they are pads that are individually packaged and conveinant to use any place any time,

    triaz benzol peroxide 9% cleanser - also made by rx, use after washing body parts with acne

    On my last cycle i did sustanom 250 @ 2 per week, by the end of it i had nearly 100 pimples from my biceps to to lower back, and my face looked like a suasage pizza, i went into see the doc then to the dermatologist, told him i cycled, he reminded me it was a terrible thing to do and how bad it felt to not be able to show off my results

    within 2-3 weeks everything was completely gone, this past cycle i used what i have remaining and i only got a few pimples on my back that would go away in a day or two.

    hope this helps if anyone is prone to this type of thing

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    In the UK you can get Quinoderm cream at 5 and 10% strengths of benzoyl peroxide. Works a treat, and its the only peroxide cream in the UK that is non prescription. Its the most effective thing there is for drying out greasy skin, but it can lead to skin reddening and you do end up smelling like a swimming pool. Best probably for 'sausage pizza' face as there is less irritation.

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    Stievamycin Forte Gel

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    BenzaClin creme. Ask your doctor to call it in for you. It works wonders

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    Differin Creme... once needed a prescribtion now otc. Best stuff I have ever used beside acutane which isnt a creme but a pill.

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