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Thread: unwanted hair!

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    unwanted hair!

    this may be not the most desired post to read but i have a problem i am a veryhairy guy especially for only being 20y/o and i shave everything but i have a hard time reaching my back and my little bro is getting too old to listen to me when i tell him to shave it so are there anyother tips to remove unwated back hair?

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    Lazer, Wax, nair, epil stop
    -Lazer is expensive
    -Wax I have never used but think it would work well
    -Nair works well for hard to shave areas. Takes once to learn what areas can have nair on for longer amounts of time. Nut sac for maybe 3 minutes max
    -Never used epil stop.
    -Find a girl friend who likes plucking hairs. My girl loves doing it. She cant wait for those stray hairs to grow back two weeks later. She actually tore off a couple moles on my back with her finger nails and got off on it. My kind of girl.
    -Shaving will make it SO MUCH WORSE.

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    thanks i will try to use the nair but i had a bad experience with that sit 1 time i got it on my nutz and it burned so bad i would have rather slammed my penis in a sliding glass door!

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    Now THAT sounds fun!

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    i would think waxing would be your best don't want to use a depilatory like nair or epil stop on an area you can't see or reach unless you want to not be able to lie on your back due to potential chemical burns...and for shaving...i don't know that if i had to shave my back i would have much luck...go with takes longer to grow in than shaving so you wouldn't have to do it often...and if you don't want to go to a salon to get it done i am sure you could have a friend help you...and if you can get someone to help you try out that 'nads''s 'sugaring' instead of waxing...the product works in the same manner but you can use it over and over in the same sitting and it cleans up very easily...with waxing, any stray wax needs mineral oil to remove it....with sugaring just some warm water...

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    check out its a device just for shaving back hair

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    u can actually nair ur sac?...i gotta try it out

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