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    [b]neck Pain[/b]

    I'm possitive its not somthing i did working out.I work commerical construction so im pretty active all day but i dont remember anything specific that caused it.

    Just know friday it was a slight pain in my neck.

    It almost feels like when you turn your head to quick , or sleep cant turn to one side for a few days...but that pain always fades.

    This started friday and if anything its worse today(sunday).I can barly move.The main concentration in right where the neck meets the shoulder on the back.But the pain spyders out and around a bit.

    Anyone ever get this? If so is there anything you can do for it?

    I might even go to the doctors tomarrow if it keeps up....and i never goto the doctors.

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    Bump! im having the same pain!!! someone help please!!!!

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    You wanna see an osteopath. That's a combination chiropractor and regular MD. unlike MD's, they know what osteopaths know, and unlike chiropractors, they can prescribe muscle relaxants.
    I had a bad case of neck pain; had to keep my neck bent over while walking else I'd get shooting pains all over. Went to a chiropractor for a while, and it helped. The problem came back, went to an osteopath, he showed me how to fix it myself, and in two visits I was 100% cured.

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    I used to get these pains and ended up going to Chiropractors, MD & Physical therapists and after all that i found by accident that if I don't use a pillow for a couple nights the pain went away, so I never sleep with pillows anymore.

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