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Thread: First Cycle, Sick

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    First Cycle, Sick

    Hey everyone,

    starting my first cycle, just test e 250, 500mg/week pinning mondays and thursdays.
    Did my first pin this previous Monday and immediately got a dry cough. (no metallic taste or anything as bad as what I have read about tren cough). Yesterday, felt pretty lethargic, didn't even make it to the gym and now I have been hacking up some phlegm and had running nose, no fever though, just sort of feels like allergies.

    Do I just have the test flu? And should I pin again tomorrow and just wait for symptoms to subside? Feel pretty stupid pinning myself and then not even being able to workout because I got sick LOL.
    Feedback much appreciated.

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    If I were you I would stop the cycle, you are too young. Take yourself getting sick as a blessing and a sign to stop before you hurt yourself permanently. It's not worth it at your are pretty much a walking mini-cycle at that age with your natural testosterone and gh levels....why risk screwing that up for a lifetime?
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    ^^^Great advice.

    Unless you want to risk having to pin testosterone for the next 50+ years.

    You never know if you are going to end up like this guy:

    ... and hes not the only one:

    Unless you have extraordinary genetics and aspire to be professional, its really dumb to take this risk.
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