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Prop/Tren 75mg ED

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by , 03-16-2013 at 04:39 AM (1632 Views)
In the planning stages of my next cycle will start within the next 2-3 months.
plan on logging everything from weekly weight, daily calories, macros and training, sides ect

goals is to add 5-10lbs with no fat gain.

all stats will be updated upon starting, and will post before and after photos upon completion, and a month of 2 post pct, as i believe if you cant maintain it you never earnt it, what you keep is what counts.

my most exciting thing about this cycle for me is over the last 3-6 months i have found my own maintence calories, which ended up being 900 calories higher than most tdee calculators. so this will allow me to correctly adjust my calories to suit goals ect rather than playing the usual guessing games i have in the past.

i am expecting alot from this cycle, as with every cycle you continue to learn, and where i am currently at i have leanrt so much leading into this. my diet these days is spot on through out the year, and i have learnt so much in my training. going to be a very exciting cycle.

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    Good luck bra. Why do you post pounds and not kg? Your old fashioned haha I asume your going with tren a?