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Why inmates are so jacked>>

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by , 08-26-2014 at 10:39 PM (731 Views)
[QUOTE=davidtheman100;6920905]I have my own logical theory about this, and i've felt like many people are too misinformed when it comes to this subject. By no means is all of this backed up by 100% facts, but these are explanations to some questions people may have.

STEROIDS IN PRISON: Fairly Rare. The chances of you being able to get smuggled in needles and vials in the first place, is pretty hard, but not unheard of. But when you mix that with the fact that prisons check inside the letters that are sent to inmates from the outside, and that they have regular drills where they clear everyone out weekly and check their cells for contraband, it makes for a rough cycle. You could be all safe and sound with your steroids for a good 2 weeks, and then a cell check happens, and you're deprived of everything you have and most likely will get in trouble for having weapons and illegal substances. So in turn, you'll be getting 2 weeks of gains in exchange for no commissary and a natural test suppression = NO FUN.

COMMISSARY: Average prison inmates are served 2,900 calories per day through their 3 meals. That amount is slightly above maintenance in it's own. So VERY possible to continue building muscle with a slightly above maintenance diet that is REQUIRED to have a regulated amount of vitamins and minerals etc. Let's say that during the 1 hour that you are able to go outside you burn a couple hundred calories. That puts you at around maintenance. That's where commissary comes in. You're able to buy things like Mackerel, Peanut Butter, Creatine, and protein powders etc. that help you with your goal protein and carb intake and make it extremely easy for you eat in a surplus regularly throughout the year.

WORKOUTS: Many inmates workout so that they can stay sane, have something to do, and build muscle because they want to look intimidating so they aren't prey to other inmates. While many of us, (Not all by any means) use working out as a chore to stay in shape or to do something like impress women etc. So the motivation is not quite as high, and with peoples tight schedules, sometimes workouts can be cut short some days. Not in prison! Inmates sometimes have 2 a day workouts, where they'll be working out in the morning for a couple of hours, and then when it's time to go outside, will have another lift with the limited equipment they have. Not many people have the time to do that. Also, prisoners have workout buddies to motivate them through workouts. And the intimidation factor also can set in, when they see others watching them from other groups, their motivation skyrockets and it makes them want to keep lifting instead of cutting their lift short like someone on the outside would when they get tired so that they look tougher. With all the time on their hands, they're able to develop routines, and figure out what way their body grows best. Which is very important IMO.

REALITY OF MOST INMATES: Most inmates do NOT look like the big, huge ones you see on TV or in movies. Most of them are just regular sized people. PLENTY of inmates are actually very out of shape and unmotivated by their situation, and also quite a decent amount of them have some good genetics as well. The typical "Big Joe" in prison has a gut. It's because he's eating a big surplus of calories and even though he's working out alot, he's storing fat as well because he isn't in a deficit. In my conclusion, i'd say the average "Big Joe" prison inmate, has more of a powerlifters body rather than a bodybuilders body because of their lack of cardio, and inability to want to control their eating for any reason whatsoever. People aren't looking to get smaller in prison, not many diets i would think.

I will probably get flamed for not putting genetics in it's own category. The reason i didn't is because that's not the part of the equation that people aren't understanding, and it's not really something that needed to be addressed to anyone with some common sense. As for testosterone, i don't believe the whole "People in jail usually have naturally high amounts of testosterone which makes them aggressive and violent that's why they're there in the first place."

^The reason i don't believe that shit is because everyones situation is different. You don't necessarily have to be an aggressive person to land you a decent prison sentence. Sometimes life presents you with situations where you make the wrong decision, and regardless of whether you're a naturally aggressive person or not you can still be caught up and make the wrong one just as fast as the angry guy beating up people on the street. Also, alot of people in prisons are there for non-violence related crimes. Which would defeat the whole purpose of you arguing against me with the whole "They're aggressive so they're prone to violence" debate.[/QUOTE]