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Seeing Major Improvements as of Late...

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by , 03-15-2008 at 12:02 AM (1375 Views)
I have been enjoying this board more than ever lately. Between Merc'c Q&A blog, Pb's diet thread and Tai's cycle thread, Injected and soon to be Anabolic Review shows, this place is really been kicking it into high gear (heh heh, get it!)

Iv'e been preping knowledge wise for over a year now and have really been taking advantage of all the great bros and advice and everything going on here. I've even been getting ideas for my next several cycles and now focusing on diet more than ever. Everyone has been stating how important that part of it is.

It's good to have these things to be current. I mean I still use the search button but when all the important topics are brought up in reael time and members have a chance to participate and get and recieve feedback, it has a greater impact. At least on me it does. New ideas come up and everything is always changing and evolving too.

I'm an artist of sorts. A sculpture and my body is the clay. Anabolics are just one of the tools I'm adding to the tool box.

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