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starting hgh and was looking for help

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by , 11-22-2010 at 02:47 AM (1165 Views)
hi guys i was wondering if anyone cn answer a cpl questions regarding hgh usage.i have read lots of info on these forums and would like to strt off by first thankin evryone for there answers to newbies like me to our questions espeically the more experienced guys .i have learned alot from reading ur stickys and answers to some other guys questions.i will try to keep this short but i thought might b better to bang off a cpl questions instead of posting single questions.any advice or answers would b greatly appreicated guys. ty

1-do u think pharm grade is better better thn say generic
2-have u heard muvh good things about Hardcoregrowth brand (cause tht wht i will b takin)
3-i usally have my am shake n oatmeal right whn i get up but i heard to wait n hr b4 or aft takin my shot so would u recommend takin a shot n wait n hr or eat 1st thn wait n hr n thn have shot because i usally like to get in my prot asap
4-i was gonna do 5 0n 2 off but have heard i could go ed for 1st 2 mos to try to get it wrkin a b it faster cause i have some strained ligaments in wrists n was hopin tht by goin ed it might speed things up (yes i also knw gh takes time to kik in)
i was gonna do 2 ius for 2 or 3 wks thn slowly ramping up .5 iu each wk up to 3 ius while keepin n eye on sides n thn stay on thr for a along time ( MAYBE FOREVER)

stats 225lbs 35 Yrs old 10-12 bf never did any gear and have really good genetics