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disk issues

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by , 11-17-2007 at 10:27 AM (2348 Views)
one is buldging and one is herniated... got to go back for an epideral next wednesday and she said no gym for 2 effin months..... sonsabiches.


  1. Merc..'s Avatar
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    sorry to hear that ..

  2. Igifuno's Avatar
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    back on the site as of today... miss you mf's. came down with pneumonia after the disk issue... been through hell. got back in the gym this week but lost 20lbs through the disk and while in the hosp w/ pneu. no fun... gotta take it slow and ease back into it. what's up fools?!
  3. Merc..'s Avatar
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    Glad your back on the board.. Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having..

    Yea take it slow in the gym .. You dont want to do too much too fast..

  4. Igifuno's Avatar
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    thx, merc. i feel like an ass having taken so much time off, but you're right. gotta take it slow... i'm not getting any younger though bro... just turned 31 this month...