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Et tu Patrick ?

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by , 01-20-2012 at 02:20 PM (1989 Views)
So before reading this you should probably read this link as it was my motivation for posting this:

So for those who are unaware Patrick arnold is certainly the brightest scientific mind the supplement industry has ever seen. He started as a protege of Dan Duchaine but took the chemistry and pharmacology side of anabolics to places Duchaine never dreamed of. He is solely reponsible for the prohormone as we know it. It started with androstenedione then later his introduction of 4ad and 1 ad made ph's a viable anabolic in my opinion. These substances were of course later banned. He also has introduced (or reintroduced) substnaces like methylhexanamine - a stimulant commonly found in pre workout formulas . His track record comes with some controversy as his involvement in the synthesis of thg (the clear) certainly made headlines and he has even served time in prison due to his role in the so called "Balco Scandal".

This post isnt a history lesson on Patrick Arnold, its more on my opinion of him and how it has evolved.

In an industry laden with corruption , outright lies , outlandish marketing claims, and fueled by supposed "information" internet boards that are mere fronts for these companies to hype and shill their wares - I always kind of viewed Patrick as a pretty straight shooter. Always figured his stuff just was what he said and did what he said.

Now over the past few years as Mr Arnold has obviously had to change his role in the supplement industry , im sure due to legal concerns, his product offerings have also had to evolve. Where before we were getting science based products - true creations that were a product of his chemistry genious - we now get mostly re introductions based on his extensive knowledge and ability to revisit , study and support the products he rolls out to market. Now obviously these products arent the groundbreakers that prohormones were - but that is understandable. His introduction of DAA has certainly changed the test booster portion of the market as it truly does appear to a degree to do what is claimed - it raises test. True to Patrick Arnold form.
The last few supplements kind of had me scratching my head though I must admit. Products like Creatinol O Phosphate and Ursolic Acid. Obscure products - with not near the scientific data supporting their effectiveness nor there mechanism of action. We have been relegated to "it works in mice" and "it does this but we dont really know how". The results, like the scientific data IMO are less than stellar.
Now this can be excused - as he is im sure working under some pretty strict guidelines. Certainly under the legal microscope due to his past. However these products are dissapointing to say the least not only in their effect but their scientific backing(in my opinion of course). Much of this perception I will say is based on what we used to get from Patrick Arnold. Something that was above the normal BS the supplement industry had to offer.
Then , the boards I referred too above. The ones that are merely covers for companies to shill their wares - not true information sites as this one is. Well Patrick now has his own q & a on a couple of these forums. Ok the guy needs to make a living (yes he is paid for this) but it still kind of sucks to see him at these places. He often bows to other companies - not stating facts when he is asked direct questions regarding effectiveness, but dodging and hedging. This isnt always the case - if someone (a company) makes claims based on his previous statements or that contradict a product he has or had he will unload. However other times he is passive and elusive with his info - protecting a paycheck i assume.

So now we have this. The link I posted at the beginning of this blog. So it appears im wrong about how I felt about Mr Arnold. As I previously stated I always felt he simply delivered what he said and it did what he said. Now 6oxo recieved alot of criticism by the industry. Its an ai but claims of muscle building and so on were made. Now it is discovered that androstenedione was mixed into the product. One could say Mr Arnold wasnt aware of this - yet I have seen him very recently pull one of his products due to it being impure and based on claims that he tests them. A move that for me reaffirmed some faith in him after the previously mentioned let downs. Apparently the testing either wasnt the case back then- apparently he either kinew it was tainted or he didnt exercise due dilligence.
Even worse than the tainted supplement is his defense - he claims that it was banned anyway so JC Romero shouldnt have been taking it. Oh so that excuses it containing an aromatizing (heavily btw) androgen in a supposed ai ? Come on now Patrick. I dont care about JC Romero , how about the tens of thousands of consumers that used your product? His analogy was that it would be like complaining your hgh contained testosterone. Now i dont know about you but I want my hgh to contian , you guessed it , just hgh.

All in all I guess im saying I'm pretty disappointed. Maybe it isnt Patrick Arnold - maybe its the pedstal i put him on. Maybe I looked to him in an industry thats a cespool of corruption as a birght spot when in fact he may have just been another contributor to the cespool. Maybe Patrick Arnold has always been this - now I just view him differently. I suppose I should have known better.

Please note: The opinions expressed here are strictly my own personal ones. They are not being presented as fact - just opinion. Also they are soley mine personally and in no way reflect the views or opinions of anyone else or this site.

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    Nice read Mr. Jimmy,
    I was one that used his andro product for a few years with very nice results. And it was very inexpensive. But you are right. I do not trust the industry, nor it's products. Way too much hype for very minimal results at outrageous prices.