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Kay kay

Insulin THAT much of a game changers?

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by , 10-11-2018 at 10:36 PM (327 Views)
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Itís really not. When I did rapid acting slin, I would do my shot (15-20iu), drink my shake about 20 mins later, (8g carb per iu), and then thatís it. That worked for me and I discovered no need to monitor or involve
Further meals after that. Many workout days I was doing a rapid shot before each meal.
It really gave me great results.

Iím really glad more people are opening to the idea of slin.
What are your stats KK?
Iím 23, a hair under 6 feet, and ended my last bulk at 233lb and 14/14.5% bf. Iím currently at 222lb in my cut and down some water weight glycogen and bf.