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Lagoon Das

My First Cycle, Welcome any comments

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by , 05-28-2013 at 12:13 PM (506 Views)
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Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum.

My stats
Height-5ft 8"
Weight- 172lbs
BF- 15% (Approx)
Testosterone level- 456 ng/dl

Been training for 2 yrs. I have decided to take steroids (ANAVAR ).

Anavar 40-50mg ED weeks 1-8 (Ethopharma Anavar 200 tabs of 10mg each)
Tribulus 4-5g ED weeks 1-12
Liv 52ds 2tabs ED weeks 1-8
Flax oil (Omega 3-6-9)weeks 1-8
Universal daily formula
On gold standard whey
Clomid 25-50mg ED weeks 9-12
Joint support ED weeks 3-8

Is this a good cycle. I also have test-E in hand & arimidex , nolva both for safe side.

Should I use only anavar . or test-E + anavar. As it's my first cycle I wanna go for single compound steroid . Pls help me.