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Q & A Sexual Advice

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by , 11-17-2007 at 07:20 PM (2951 Views)
Hello Boys and Girls,

I am here to assist the AR community with sexual problems. From libido to sex positions I know them all. I also have great penis enlargement advice and I am a master pick up artist. IF you need help getting chicks in bed youve come to the right place.

I am not a medical doctor and all subject advise given is for research and entertainment purposes only and is not intended for anyone to preform any of it. Nor do I condone the use of any illegal substances .
Always obtain a prescription from a licensed physician~


  1. PEWN's Avatar
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    How come every time im with a certain some one .... i always get cramps from holding her fat ass up.... is it low potassium...?
  2. Lexed's Avatar
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    I would recommend low dose of deca for your joints
  3. PEWN's Avatar
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    im on deca right now .... and that increases the cramps ....
  4. Lexed's Avatar
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    well stop having sex with fatties and problem solved
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    If I put a gerbil in my ass while I'm on cycle, will the gerbil grow too?
  7. moush's Avatar
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    hey lexed...heres the deal

    based on the pics you saw one would think that I could get a girl, but heres the problem...I cant! I know its part me cus im shy plus im not a big game talker and on top of that all the excess skin that I have makes me feel uncomfortable and like i dont have any confidence in myself. What can I do (besides getting surgery to get over the fact that im not fat anymore) to get a girl. I guess its also the fear of rejection as with anyone else, ya kno...but how do i go about it all. Ive had gf's before but all were friends before we sucks and im so frustrated especially since everything else in my life is going so well!
  8. xlxBigSexyxlx's Avatar
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    I want a bigger penis, dont need one, but want one lol. Doesnt seem like there would be some magical pill cuz ev1 would be taking it. Whats yr 2 cents?

    As far as libido issues, which i dont have. I wanted to try Myogenx/Nolva/Ejaculoid/Cialis just for shits and giggles. good idea?
  9. Lexed's Avatar
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    Bigger in reply to your answer-

    A gerbil is a small mammal of the order Rodentia. Once known simply as "desert rats", the gerbil subfamily includes about 110 species of African, Indian, and Asian rodents, including sand rats and jirds, all of which are adapted to arid habitats. Most are primarily diurnal[citation needed] (though some, including the common household pet, do exhibit crepuscular behavior), and almost all are omnivorous.The word "gerbil" is a diminutive form of "jerboa", though the jerboas are an unrelated group of rodents occupying a similar ecological niche.

    One Mongolian species, Meriones unguiculatus, also known as the Clawed Jird, is a gentle and hardy animal that has become a popular pet. It was first brought to the United States in 1954 by Dr. Victor Schwentker for use in research.[1]

    Gerbils are typically between six and twelve inches (150 to 300 mm) long, including the tail which makes up approximately one half of their total length. One species however, the Great Gerbil, or Rhombomys opimus, originally native to Turkmenistan, can grow to more than 16 inches (400 mm) in length. The average adult gerbil weighs approximately 2 1/2 ounces. As of August 19, 2003, officials in western China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region began releasing eagles to combat the damage they say the great gerbils have done to eleven million acres (46,000 kmē) of grassland.[1]

    Pet gerbils have an average lifespan of 2 to 4 years. Some have been known to live five or six years

    So yes it could survive by feeding of your poo.


    My saying ----you only live once so live it hard
    Moush its all about confidence. You need to start thinking more with your dick and less with your head. I was once too extremely shy and in highschool I was a fatty. I started working out hard at 18 and lost a ton of fat and became huge. If your looking for "the one" then clubs/bars are not the places I would recommend. If your going for one night stands then thats the places you go. Here is a layout when you hit the clubs and guarantee you will get any chick in bed.

    1- SMILE. Remember to smile constantly; while your talking, while your listening, while your doing just about anything. Smiling is the most powerful weapon. It let's the women know that your probably a fun guy to be around and someone they would like to know or be involved with.

    2-WHile talking to a women, constantly repeat her name, it will be like music to her ears. For example "Stop trying to seduce me, Merc... I know what you're up to!" instead of "Stop trying to seduce me... I know what you're up to!"

    -3- Always compliment women and they will always feel good about you, but don't overdue it or they will think your just trying to score points (which you are, but you don't want them to know that). Try to sound sincere and give her a unique compliment that most people will overlook. Once you've gotten comfortable he next step is to begin giving them negative compliments in order to disqualify yourself as someone that is trying to pick them up. By doing this, you will have a non-threatening presence from then on and will be able to game her from a much more powerful position. The basic form of a neg is a positive followed by a negative, for example "I like the color of your shirt, but it fits a little funny on you... is it too small?"

    4- Always change the amount of attention that you give her. For instance: Give a woman your undivided attention for an extended period of time one day, and then appear to be too busy to even talk to her the next. This will drive her crazy and you will be on her mind the entire day. She will be wondering if she said or did something wrong, and she will become much more interested in you because she won't be able to think about anything else. Women are emotional creature, and playing upon their emotions is a sure-fire way to keeping them attracted to you for as long as you like. Women want their own lives to seem as crazy and dramatic as a soap opera, so if you can manage to give that to them they'll love you for it.

    5- Knowledge is power. Always listen to and observe everything, including other's conversations. If you take the time to observe a woman before you approach her, you may notice something she is doing, wearing or talking about which in-a-way "tells you" what to say when you try to spark up a conversation with her.

    -6-Never say "How about giving me your number?". Always use something like "I'd like to talk to you again, is there a number I can reach you at?". This always produces much better results because she must avoid saying "no" or she will sound stupid because that will mean there is not a number she can be reached at. It also makes you more original than every other guy that asks for her number.

    -7- Variety is the key, switch up your hair style, cologne, and outfits on a regular basis. Women love men that they can not predict. You don't want to be viewed as being boring, do you? It would also be a good idea to have something unique about your appearance that sets you apart from the crowd, this will help to get you noticed more often by women and even approached by them. Having a unique appearance is one of the main ingredients to being viewed as someone who is interesting and a person that people will want to know more about.AKA Peacocking it could be anything for a belt buckle to a necklace

    -8- When asked "What are you doing?" never reply with "Nothing", always appear to be busy even if you are not. This will make you seem to be much more interesting. You want any woman that you are dating to think of you as a man who has many different aspects of his life and many things to do at all times.

    -9- When rejected, just smile and walk away. Who cares what she thinks, you probably won't ever see her again anyway. Besides, it's her loss and she just missed out on a good time with a great guy. Go out looking to get rejected, because once you become comfortable with girls saying no, your fear of rejection will be gone. Desensitizing yourself to rejection takes time but it is a necessary aspect of building your skills, so you should always approach women with an open mind knowing that if they do reject you, it's nothing personal.

    -10- Quit worrying about what to say next and focus your attention on listening. She will give you leads as to what she would like to talk about, in essence, telling you want to say next. For example: you say "How are you doing?" she says "I got a 50 cent raise today, but then I got a flat tire on my way home from work, so I guess I'm doing ok". She just gave you two leads that hint at what she is willing to talk about, all you've got to do is pick one. You can either choose to stroke her ego: "Cool, you probably deserved the raise" or tease her "Well, how did you earn the raise (while staring directly at her tits and smiling playfully)".

    Bragging gets you nowhere
    I've noticed that bragging about myslef in an attempt to impress women, they think that if they tell a girl about what they own or what they have done it will increase their chances of picking her up. This kind of strategy is probably the worst way to seduce girls in my opinion, and from my personal experiences in life I've found that the people that do the most talking about themselves are always the most insecure of us all.

    NEVER EVER GO TO A CLUB ALONE!!!!!!!! Always go with friends or atleast one guy. When you go into a club alone and the girls see this it demonstrates lower value and decreases your chances to get her greatly.

    If you notice a girl that you like but she is with one of her friends, try this approach. My favorite way to do this is to talk to the "uglier" friend first in order to make the hot one jealous... because if you talk to the hot one directly the other might like you too and get jealous... then she will do just about anything to ruin your chances with her friend - not good! Go up to the ugly one and say something like "I really like your (insert something : pants, shirt, hair... anything) then after she says thanks quickly move on to the hot one and give her a compliment also... then keep talking to BOTH of them for a while, but gradually focusing more on the hot one, until the point comes when you are only talking to her.

    Act like your the king of the world. Be rude, but not enough to offend. Make yourself appear dominant in everything that you do... even if your not good at it! Tom Cruise can't really kick anyone's ass, but he sure looks like he can in his flicks, right? It's all about the illusion, people would rather see something that looks good than something that works better, master the illusion and you'll master the girls. Let them think you've got money even if you don't. Make them think you get all of the girls even if you've never been laid before.

    Never ask a girl if you can kiss her! Just do it. This is one of those situations where females like to see a man that can take control and do what he wants, so show her that you've got the balls and just do it. If you ask her for permission in advance she'll think that your scared to be a man, and even if she still lets you kiss her... she'll think less of you afterward.

    Moush if you need more help with the attraction phase/pases eduction I got a ton more openers and advice sorry my fingers hurt from all this typing.

    Big Sexy-

    I was prob in the same boat as you. I bought pills and it didnt work shit waste of money. Like every guy I wanted a bigger dick. I found a site where they talked about penis exercises and stretching. I gave it a shot and 8 months later im 1 inch bigger. The process is extremely slow and tedious but gains are possible. YOu have to give complete devotion to this and cant skip any days and it will work. It is also possible to increase girth which is even more slower process but ive manged to put on .6 of a inch in girth in 8 months. There are so many methods its really surprising.Pm if you want the site
  10. moush's Avatar
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    hey Lex, i really appreciate this write up you did. It was very informative and if you have any other info I would gladly like to read up on it because i put in this hard work and I want it to pay off, if you know what I mean. Thanks bro for the info again and anything else you got I would gladly read up on and take advice. So please keep it coming...
  11. batlin's Avatar
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    Hey Lex, How about penis reduction? My girlfriend keeps complaining that it is too big and I can only go in about 1/3 the way.. Id like to reduce it to at LEAST 12 inch.. but maybe even bring it down to 10... thoughts?
  12. Lexed's Avatar
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    put ur dick between ur legs and fck her from the opposite side that should reduce it by alot
  13. batlin's Avatar
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    Sweet man, thanks! Ill have this a shot!