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10 ml of bac water mixed with 5000 iu of hcg

Ai & HCG

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by , 11-11-2017 at 12:56 AM (177 Views)
Hi guys,

Last year I tired to start my first cycle, however I was unsuccessful. I took my first injection of Test e @ 250mg/ week and 250 iu HCG. I was trying to build up to 500 mg/week of Test e by the end of week 6. Straight after my first injection of 250ui of Hcg, I experienced severe bloating around the injection site (abdomen). I did take 25 mg of aromasin of the morning of the injections. I want to attempt my first cycle again, however I do not want to experience the bloating from the HCG. Should I switch from aromasin to adex ? Or both at the same time ? I know this may seem excessive, however I know for a fact I am estrogen sensitive. I want clean lean gains. Your input is very much appreciated. This is a quick summary of what I plan to run:

Weeks 1-4 : Test e 250mg/ week
weeks 5-12: Test e 500 mg/week
Weeks 1-16: Aromasin ED 25 mg (12.5 mg/ morning and 12.5 mg/ afternoon) after food
Weeks 1-14: 2 x HCG 250 iu / week
weeks 15-16: 25 mg Aromasin and 40 mg Nolva
weeks 17 and 18 : 20 mg Nolva and 25 mg aromasin