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PCT and possible during cycle options

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by , 11-24-2010 at 11:20 PM (469 Views)
Just curious if anyone could help clerify any ideas I have come up with. I am currently not on a cycle of any kind, although I have been before and had great results. Recently I have had the opportunity to obtain a cycle but have neglected to do so since there would be no PCT supplement included and I do not know anyone or any place that could give me what I'm looking for. I was wondering that if your cycle is mainly dealing with a test, that if you took an over the counter test booster that it would help with your body to still create it's own test, thus not needing the PCT as much so your body can still be producing its own test and not being so imbalanced. Also I was wondering that if you took an over the counter estrogen blocker that if it would also help keep your estrogen levels lower during and after the cycle.