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Another Sunday...

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by , 11-11-2007 at 05:17 PM (1424 Views)
Sorry guys not to much to mention today just another sunday..... I finally got to take the bike out though so there was a positive. Although tampa sucks for bikes.... no good roads around here .... all straight aways.... no wonder there are so many stretched ugly ass busas around here... Needless to say I one wheeled it a few times... but over all pretty boring ride....

I went to the gym today which was unusual for a sunday but why not huh.... just worked arms.... bi's and tri's ......

Right now im preparing my meals for the week.... over is going with a whole bag of chicken strips..... and potatoes..... boiling water for the eggs to go in....

By the way happy veterans day.... thanks for all those that have served our country.....


  1. Lexed's Avatar
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    thats good for you pewn give urself a pat on the back
  2. PEWN's Avatar
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    i was trying to keep this civil... smart ass....
  3. Lexed's Avatar
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    YOU wanna start something fool????? Lets take this shit outside.... * Puts his Collar down*
  4. Lexed's Avatar
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    sorry poon I wont mess with ur blogs