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Awesome O 4000

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by , 11-08-2007 at 11:57 AM (1323 Views)
Well here is my attempt at a blog. Even though this does not get my post count higher I will try and write in here every day. Right now im sitting at work. Got cut off by a old lady in a cadilac this mourning then when i pulled up next to her she flicked me off. I didnt know what to do..... do you flick her back off or just smile because you know she is going to die soon..?


  1. Merc..'s Avatar
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    What up pewn ??
  2. smokeyd's Avatar
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    hahaha smile and tell her she better get all the fliping off done she can cuase like you said she is going to die soon
  3. juice box's Avatar
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    You should have flipped her off back or maybe have got out of ur car and get all up in her ass lol....