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by , 08-17-2010 at 10:15 PM (266 Views)
Okay, I Am Completely New To All Of This. I Started Dieting And Trying To Bulk Up About 4 Months Ago After Having My Daughter. I Have Lost 45lbs So Far, But No Progress In The Bulking Up Area. I Still Have About 30lbs To Lose. I Am 5' 4" And Weigh About 160, I Need To Know A Good Way I Can Lose Fat And Gain Muscles Fast Without Starving Or Killing Myself. Please Someone That Truly Knows What There Talking About Help Me. My BF And I Are Having A Halloween Party And My B-Day Is Oct. 17th And I'd Really Like To At Least Look Decent. My Bf Friends Tend To Say Negative Things About My Looks And I'd Like To Show Them And Feel Good About Myself Again This Is Truly Heart Wrenching.