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Tips and trix please!

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by , 11-29-2010 at 02:02 PM (677 Views)
Hello everyone!

I have some questions about AAS and what would be the best choise for me, I'll give you my stats and what I've tried before, Hope to get some serious answears!

Wight : 92kg/202.82lbs
Length: 1.81cm
Age: 20

Personal facts: I have a muscle attachment in a knee that hurts at certain exercises, and I have also had removed the lower meniscus of the knee. I have little thin legs of the elbows, in comparison with my muscles, I find myself. do not know if there is any damage but just worth mentioning when you want to venture into the great AAS.
I am also born with quirky heart, one of three heart valves in the internal chamber does not open completely. but my doctor says I have a heart as an athlete so I do not think there will be any great danger!

back to topic

I have now planned to run a real and proper cure and need the help of experienced AAS users.
I have previously run two short courses of Dianabol, which gave me great results in a short time, hence so I jumped off before the set date! also had sensations in the chest at the last one (gyno). will there be a problem that gives me greater risk for the same experience at the next course of treatment, if I use the same preparation that is?

Anyway, I have Lyka Labs 5mg dianabol available now and are looking to run a 10/60 which will be nice from the side what I have heard and read.
The thing is, is there any nicer steroid in pill form for me who has problems with a knee already, plus gyno sensations at the end of cure, which was a 20/30.

I've been thinking about whether growth hormone would be a good choice for me when I think of my bones at the elbows, but you never know for sure what will grow on a broad right HGH ..

If you think the d-bol is the wrong choice for me so appreciated it really serious answers, I have these thoughts because I already have this product at home!
if not, what do you think that I need to think about and be available in addition to steroids? For example, amino acids HMB, CLA also further ..

My goal is to put on as much muscle as possible without adding fat mass on me while I'm on the AAS. while I would like to keep as much as possible afterwards when it is deff period.

Say what you would have done and what you think I should think about!

The picture on my profile was before i started to use AAS.
hoping for good response from those who read and want to avoid mass nasty comments about me being too young and should read more. only here to get help and information from someone knowledgeable!

Best regards Tobetheone.