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WTF IVE PUT ON 1.5inches in hieght

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by , 09-13-2008 at 11:45 AM (546 Views)
Hi peoples my name is Vin and I just want to share a strange experience with you.
Ive been using gear on and of for 10yrs, I am 32and now wieght 19 and a half stones. I have just finished a 6week stack of MD1T and deca, without getting technical Before I started I was 23 stones at 5ft10 inches but now ive finished I am 19 and a half stones and 5ft11 and a bit inches almost 6ft, I know this is hard to believe, Niether I nor my fam can believe it either. All the puppy fat and gut water is gone and my physique looks totaly diffrent, none of my clothes fit either and my shoes all of then feel slightly tighter WTF. Just to metion I was also using Ergopharm amp only on workout days and zma 3x per week. Has anybody ever had this experience?