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    Question Lower back/pelvic region pain?

    The other day while doing leg presses I experienced a sudden discomfort in lower back lumbar region. The reason this occured is because I brought the weight too low which caused my lumbar to straighten or curve in the the other way. Now that this has happened I feel pain only when I am not in the neutral lumbar position or when I bend my lower back just above the pelvice, lets say to pick something off the floor. What has happened?

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    I'd go for x-ray, mri, ct, whatever the doc recommends, this is nothing to mess around with(I'm sure u know that). I'd definitely take it easy until you and your doc figure this out. Also keep us posted. Good Luck, hope it's not too serious.

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    Chippa-any updates? I had the exact same thing happen last week... Going to Chiro tomorrow..

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