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    Please Help

    I figure that some folks must go through this problem. I need to know how to eleviate it or just keep it under control. I get these bumps, like puss filled, sometimes dark red blood in them, between my legs (they rub together) under my arms, like where my arm rubs against my lats and on my ass occaisionally, like the crease between my leg and cheek. They sometimes hurt like hell and go away on there own, other times they bust and then scar. I don't know what they are, I thought maybe ingrown hairs, so I stopped shaving for a while but it didn't help. Someone please help me deal with this. I can't afford to have these scars either as I am planning on competing this fall. These have been around before the steroids by the way. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank You.

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    When I first shaved my legs I had that problem, I dont know how bad yours is but mine was horrible, I think it was ingrown hairs that got infected and then turned into pimple like things. I still have a few scars but what i did to get rid of the pimples or whatever they were is I used a produst called tea Tree Oil, it worked like a charm dried the pimple up and made them go away, as far as the scars go you just have to give it time for then to go away.

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    sounds like it could be some kind of boils or cystic acne...i would have to tell you to see a doc....being as bad as you are describing i am doubting any over the counter stuff is going to help....or maybe do your own research online and see if you can find info about it and treatments...

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