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Thread: How often to hit each muscle group while on gear?

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    How often to hit each muscle group while on gear?

    So, I am currently on test enh 400mg e4d and masterone 100mg e2d. Its no monster cycle by any means, but you have to start somewhere, right? I have been on test on and off and this is my first time adding something to it, although masterone might not be the bestest thing around, it happened to be what my supplier could offer me at the time for a decent price so why the hell not.

    Now, there are a lot of theories and guidelines about how often you should workout each muscle group...for people that are natty that is. I guess its not really the same when you are taking stuff though, right?

    So what is the best for me for MASS gains?

    Each muscle group once a week, 1.5 times a week or 2 times per week?

    The general census is that 2 times a week gives you the best gains for natty builders, but what about me? Is it better for me to do:
    a. 30 sets of only chest on one day, totally DESTROYING the muscle then not touching it for 6-7 days?
    b. Chosing the middle lane and doing 20 sets of chest together with 10 set of some other muscle group, hitting it again in 4-5 days?
    c. 10 sets of chest, 10 sets of X and 10 sets Y, this wont make my chest feel particularly tired after the workout and then hitting it again in 3-4 days?

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    What training do you use now? If whatever routine you use now is working, I would stick with the same routine. With that being said, there is no way I could lift with that kind of volume.
    I like HIT. You go balls to the wall and hit failure using the minimum amount of reps to hit total absolute failure and no more than that. Sometime you incorporate advanced protocols to go beyond failure, but you have to allow for this in your recovery time. Anything much more than absolute failure cuts into your recovery.
    However, HIT isn't for everyone and some people prefer higher volume.

    I would decide on a training style that works for you before jumping into a cycle. If you're interested in researching HIT, check out Marcus' Dungeon thread in the lounge. Its a long read but comprehensive and motivating.

    Edit: By absolute failure, I mean that you have exhausted all 3 areas of a lifting effort/exercise; the positive, negative, and static portions.
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    every muscle every day!!! (not). i agree with almost gone, although theoretically you recover faster on cycle and could drop a rest day.

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    You have to remember, your not just tearing down muscle fibers when you lift. You are also creating microtrauma to the ligaments, tendons, bones and synovial membranes. While AAS may help speed up recover of muscle tissue. Tendons and ligaments do not have a rich blood supply to them like the muscle does. Thus they won't heal as fast as your muscles.
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    I hit everything twice a week, I always have done and it's worked great for me.

    I agree with Almostgone, is what you are doing now is working stick to it and keep killing it.

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