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    The Politics . . . er, profit of steroids

    I had some fun with a candidate for Congress today.

    I've known they guy for a few years and help with his finance/fundraising committee. I'm in the politics business full time.

    I asked him where he stood on my pet issue: Prescription Steroids for Cosmetic purposes. We agree on every other issue, so why not jolt him a bit

    He looked at me like I was crazy. If I didn't drop off a couple $K every week at his office he would have given me the brush off.

    I laid out the history of steroid laws and how strict criminalization was pushed by the NCAA, NFL and the supplement manufactuerers.

    Then asked him why I could get lipo suction, breast implants, nose job, etc. but can't take a pill or a shot that would build muscle.

    He didn't know what to say so he took the guess people have been taught to say, "It's cheating."

    I reply, "So is scuffing a baseball with an emory board, but it's not a felony."

    Then he got it.

    Steroids will become available by prescription when Pfizer or the industry trade group, PhARMA sees the profit potential.

    The supplement industry hates the idea of steroids being legal. No one would buy that junk. Anyone who knows better doesn't waste their time or money with over the counter.

    The push to stiffen penalties is likely driven by the supplement industry, NCAA, etc.

    I know the underground suppliers are hating this post because I want to take away their livelihood, but oh, well.

    Before I present my ideas to PhARMA's general counsel I need to get a handle on how many users there are in the U.S. and how many people would use if the legal barriers were removed. Any thoughts on sources?

    The only hesitation I have with using is the legal ramifications and how that could affect my personal income. There has to be thousands of guys like me.

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    Steriod are baaaaaad!

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    If I saw the first spec of news that steroids were going to become legalized, I would immediately buy a **** load of stock in Propecia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Swan
    The only hesitation I have with using is the legal ramifications and how that could affect my personal income. There has to be thousands of guys like me.
    Steriods are just like pot in the respect that they've been demonized and have had negative propaganda issued through the media. I'm not a pot man myself, but if you look at the history and how it became illegal, it's pretty rediculous.

    Anyway, with all things said about how you can get screwed big time if caught with AS, if they were legalized through prescriptions by a doctor, can you imagine how much they could cost? The prices would go through the roof! At least if you still bought them in the US. You could get your script and jet down to Mexico. Come across the boarder with a HUGE smile across your face as you wave your script in the boarder patrols face.

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