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    Does anyones life feel like this?

    Hey guys, does anyone get this, that there life is an endless revolving cycle of regularities and daily chores

    man i work all day **** 6 days a week, get home eat food, go to the gym, come home eat food, i even eat the exact same food at the exact same time, feels like I do the same **** everyday!! lucky this is only for the summer and I go back to school next year living in a big house with all my buddies, but for the next 2-3 months its soooooo routine? do you guys ever get this? and how does bbing follow into that? does it make things more routine? or does it give you an escape?

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    I know what you mean buds. The gym is my happy time where I forget about all the impending deadlines, social commitments, errands and other assorted BS.

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    The gym is my sanctuary. Everything outside just brings me one step closer to death.

    And yes, I finished clomid 4 days ago, so this is me talking.

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    "stick my hands through the cage of this endless routine, just some flesh caught in this big broken machine" - nine inch nails

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