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    Raising ur TEST Naturally :)

    Found this at

    Increasing Testosterone Naturally
    Testosterone report special

    What do trial lawyers, masculine lesbians, violent criminals, hell-raising frat
    boys, German soccer fans and battle-hardened Marines have in common?
    Close-cropped haircuts right? Wrong.

    Testosterone. Actually it's high levels of testosterone . Jim Dabbs PhD, a
    social psychologist at Georgia State University discovered all of the above
    groups were frothing with the male hormone testosterone. In fact saliva tests
    revealed most of them had testosterone levels 10%-20% above average.

    Interestingly, this quirk of biology gave these men (and women) three distinct
    They were agressive
    They were bold
    They were focused

    Adrian Dobbs, M.D. of Johns Hopkins University stated clearly..."Having normal
    testosterone levels is critical for maintaining lean muscle mass, sexual
    potency and cognitive function". Ken Goldberg M.D. of the Male Health Center in
    Dallas states between 8-12 million men have low or borderline low testosterone
    levels and 95% of them don't know it.

    Now don't think just because your under 30 years of age you're invincible.
    Research shows that Men in their late 20's have decreased testosterone levels.

    Testosterone levels are at their highest normally during a man’s early twenties
    and naturally decline with age, gradually declining to about 20% of their
    maximum. While you are almost assured to have diminished testosterone at an
    advanced age, a number of other factors are now known to accelerate
    testosterone loss at early ages. Stress, physical inactivity, excessive
    training, illness, smoking, alcohol and the use of both prescription and
    "recreational" drugs, can contribute to less than ideal levels of testosterone.
    All of these things are pervasive in our society and have contributed to the
    onset of the low testosterone syndrome.

    ****. I thought I was safe. I guess I better put down my glazed donught, get
    off the couch and do some pushups or something...

    Until now, the only reliable way to restore normal testosterone has been
    through prescription medications. However, these treatments typically include
    the use of irritating and unconcealed patches, painful injections, surgical
    implants or toxic pills.

    But guess what I discovered? Restoring testosterone to a normal level is
    painless and once you do, you'll
    (1)Increase your muscle mass
    (2)Enhance your ability to burn fat.
    (3)Improve your libido and sexual function
    (4)Improve your ability to cope with stress.
    (5)Improve your memory, concentration and visual acuity
    (6)Protect your heart
    (7)Protect your prostate

    Testosterone can be increased. I'll tell you how in my next report...I feel
    like I'd better go jog or something.

    Devil Dog74

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    But in researching this topic, I've discovered 4MEN (and myself) how we can
    increase our levels and possibly decrease my, I mean your "shortcomings".

    How do you know if you've got low levels of testosterone ?
    Here's a quick list:
    Decreased sex drive
    Decreased ability to perform
    Increase in body weight
    Difficulty concentrating on task at hand
    Under chronic stress (business/relationship)
    Decreased energy
    I don't know about you...but I've got 4 out of 6.

    A study in 1996 reported in the New England Journal of Medicine followed three
    groups of men. One group was given testosterone and prescribed a strength
    training program, one group was given testosterone and told not to exercise and
    one group was just given a training program without testosterone. To no
    surprise the group who exercised on testosterone gained the most muscle and
    lost the most fat, but to the researchers surprise the group who took
    testosterone without exercise actually had greater improvement in muscle and
    fat composition than the group who trained without it. They also reported
    improved sexual performance.

    How come I never got a chance to get in on those kind of studies on campus?

    Oh well, I did discover 13 ways to increase "the juice" inside of me safely and

    If you ever say "do these pants make my flesh apron show" listen up. Carrying
    excess body fat elevates your estrogren levels and THAT can cause your
    testosterone levels to sink says Joseph Zmuda, Ph.D at the University of
    Pittsburg. On top of that, you'll grow a pair of fetching breasts. Comedian
    Louie Anderson is fitting proof. Two or three extra pounds won't cause this
    hormone shift; it occurs once your roughly 20% over your ideal body weight.

    What you DON'T want to do is starve yourself while exercising like a madman.
    One of the many reasons this stops working in your late 20's, early 30's and
    when your natural testosterone levels start dropping is pretty simple: Cutting
    your caloric intake by more than 15% makes your brain think you're starving, so
    it shuts down testosterone production to wait out the famine. "There's no need
    to reproduce if you're starving" explains Thomas Incledon, C.S.C.s., R.D., of
    Human Performance Specialist in Plantation Florida. Ironically, this dive in
    circulating testosterone stops you from buring body fat efficiently, so you're
    actually stopping your hard efforts to melt the spare tire.

    I'm all over this I just need a partner.
    Scientist in Germany (seems like all the good stuff and findings come from
    those guys) found that simply having an erection causes your circulating
    testosterone levels to rise dramatically and significantly. On top of that
    having an erection will burn fat.

    This Concludes my report.

    Devil Dog74

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil Dog74
    On top of that
    having an erection will burn fat.

    Maybe thats why Im so **** lean???

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