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    So i am sitting at home and the wife and kids are already asleep and I just didnt feel like going to the hun tonight. Anyways, I was watching Rescue Me (fantastic show if i might add) and during commercial i flipped it to MTV2 hip hop which i am sure was shown for the 6th time today. Public Enemy was on with the fight the power video. It occured to me how influential they were to so many rap artists. So it got me thinking about the pioneer's in different kinds of music. Old school if you will, and no Mass, this isnt the "hi, i'm here for the gang bang" old school...

    Rock - Led Zeppelin
    Rap - Run DMC, PE, or NWA
    Country - Hank Williams Sr. and Jr., Garth Brooks
    Metal - Metallica
    Pop - Michael Jackson,

    Zeppelin to me was so far ahead of their time. John Bonham did all that before any computer aiding. Just amazing.

    holy crap i am bored...........

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    you left out the king, all music owes their ablitiy to do what they wish to elvis

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    i'm not sure what category you would put it in but one of the most influential bands of our time has to be dave matthews...........i'll get flamed for that but if you can't enjoy the musical talent of the band then you suck

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