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    Man I got Wooped by an old man in Arm Wrestling!!

    I was at the bar the other night and I had a few guys that wanted to arm wrestle me. I told all of them I was never really good at it. I won the first four guys. I didnt slam any of them I just pried their arms down. Now the fifth guy was a old burly looking redneck. He slammed me down!!! I tried it again and he did the same thing.

    What is the trick to arm wrestling??? I hardly beat the other guys that was really smaller than me. There has to be a trick to it other wise these scrawny guys wouldnt be good at it.

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    Well, I'm no arm wrestler, but I have learned NEVER to underestimate "old men"...

    They may not be all cut up and defined, but there are some darn strong old dudes out there!


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    watch out for the thumb slip if u mive your hand up his thumb a little u can have all the power watch the movie over the top and u will see what i mean

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    Arm wrestling is 90% technique. I guarantee you most pro women armwrestlers could slam the vast majority of men. As a sidenote, I hate it when people want to armwrestle in a bar.

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    so what your saying is when u were jerkin him off, he had to help you bc your arms are

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    Never, ever underestimate "old man strength." Me and my friends talk about it all the time...i cant wait to get mine

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    In college.....just a few years ago(just a tad under 30 years) I'd armwrestle.......never lifted.....just wrestled in high school....weighed about 175......anyway......had a friendly match with the starting middle linebacker for the illini......took him to a draw.....go figure

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    I heard it has to do a lot with tendon strength but my buddies could have just been ****tin' me

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    Its hard for me to explain, but all the people I know who arm wrestle just for fun, not competition, but win tell me this; Always lock your wrist forward by gettin the first jump (kinda like that over the top BS). Also have your shoulder locked forward. If feels kind of funny, but if you get in that proper position, you can tell it will take a lot of force to bring you down. The combination of rolling the wrist with the locked shoulder, snapping both at the start, seem to give you the best advantage atleast what I have seen.


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