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Thread: I hate DirecTV

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    I hate DirecTV

    Ok I switched cable services at my place from Comcast to DirecTV because oh the ****ty service that Comcast would give me. I was planning on ordering the Mr. Olympia contest through their PayPerView. Low and behold DIRECFUKINGTV DOES NOT OFFER THE MR.OLYMPA. My curiousity was killing me so I go to Comcast AND THE FUKING MR. OLYMPIA IS ON THE MAIN PAGE. IF THATS NOT IRONIC I DONT KNOW WHAT THE **** IT IS, IM SO ****ING PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW, IM GOING TO RIP OFF THE DISH OFF MY ROOF AND TAKE A STEAMING DUMP ON IT AND FLING IT ONTO THE STREET. IM SO ****ING PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW, WHY GOD WHY ME WHY NOW. I hate directv.

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    hack your card.. i have a friend who does this. FREE TV

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