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    Its Friday for me today -- What are all of you up to this weekend

    I have tomorrow off -- I was going to go skiing but the conditions suck in Vermont as of now. I am just going to relax in the city for the weekend.

    This Sunday i am going out with the 20 year old women (she is HOT) that I mentioned in another thread.

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    My man is coming up from LA and we are gonna spend time getting caught up

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    Canada eh
    staying at home, having a couple drinks, chillin with buds.. trying to hide from a psycho girl that needs to see a therapist!!!!!!!!!

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    Boring @ss weekend for me. 12hr workdays sat and sun. Homework and clean.... Last week my friend bet me that I couldnt go 3 weeks without drinking. While this may seem easy to some, I cannot remember the last time that I went a week without drinking.

    SOO, since I started cutting last week and I want to see if I can have the dedication to stop something that is so familar to me , I decided to take the bet and get alot of stuff accomplished before x-mas break. Besides, there are nothing but physical and psycological benefits to winning this bet.

    'nuff of the rant...... Enjoy the weekend bros...

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