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    has anyone done demolion derby?

    on boxing day there is stock car racing round an oval track which is on every week in the summer but they have one at xmas.
    after the racing the final event is demoltion derby which is just ****ing crazy.
    it is about 50 scrap or crap cars which bang into each other flat out last car left wins £300 pounds.
    my mate did it and did quite well but did not win,he woke up today with bad whiplash.
    has anyone else done this its good to watch but you need to but nuts to be able to take hit after hit.

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    ive ridden in one. it was awesome bro, when i was 17 a good frined drove and i got to ride.. great great fun

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    we have a demo derby every year at my fair, i got 3 friends in it, 1 usually gets 1st or 2nd every year, this year my other 2 friends got 4th and 7th out of 36. I did the honors of strapping the inflatable incredible hulk on the roof of the car

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    I use to do it back in the day, and before they scrutinised it too much we would pour concrete into the door panels to fark up the other cars coming for you, the only downside to it was the car was a slow as rain man.

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