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    Lightbulb Idiot in the Gym...

    So I am in the gym today training chest and tris and I see this guy on a hammer strength deadlift machine doing something that I guess he would consider a dead lift. He was bending a little at the knees and rounding his back as he came down. He was rounding it enough that I decided I shoud say something to him, you know, give him some advice that might save his disks. I do not normally offer unsolicited advice in the gym, because people just do not usually heed it, but today...I thought I would. So I tell the guy he should try to keep his back straighter so he does not blow a disk. He kind of shrugs it off. I walk away. So, later I am coming out of the locker room after changing and showering and I notice that there is some commotion in the hammer strength area; this guy is being loaded on a gurney by ambulance personnel and a hear someone saying, "he hurt his back". I tried to warn him. Oh well.

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    haha wow....u should of went and asked him what happened

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    A lesson he will never forget.

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    it was prolly the wt, not his form.. either way doesnt matter for him now

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    lmfao haahah thats not right

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