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    Left wrist pains...

    Ok, I dunno how the hell this happened but it did. At first I thougnt it was the GH but I don't think it is. It's only on my left wrist on the side where my pinky is. If I move it up and down it hurts very mildly but when I twist it and put my palms up for instance if I were to curl I would need about 2 warm ups before I can finnally do a set correctly. It's annoying and has been going on for two weeks allready. Anyone know what it could be or how it can be fixed? Let me know. It hurts the most when I twist it. I was doing incline flys and they hurt like a bitch too.

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    I had the same problems, you can try tapping your wrists or get wrist wraps, it could be becasue of the fact that you are rocking your wrists and putting strain on yor forearm muscle trigering the pain in your hand.

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    Start beating off to porn w/your OTHER hand.


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    lol im not telling :D
    Quote Originally Posted by SwoleCat
    Start beating off to porn w/your OTHER hand.

    worked for me...

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    Yeah, Swole is right, switch it up every now and again.

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