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    Angry Idiots in the apartment office lost my clomid!

    Yesterday I go to check my mail (I recently ordered some clomid from AR). I have a slip from USPS in my mailbox saying that my package, and a package for my roomate were delivered, and it said "We left your package at: Apt Office". Ok, so I go to the office to get our packages. They looked through their cabinet where they keep delivered packages, neither of them are to be found. The guy tells me that perhaps the person that was working earlier put it somewhere else, so check back tomorrow or Monday.

    Ok, I go back today, they still can't find my package. They tell me that it probably got taken back to the post office. Ok, then why the hell do I have a note from the mailman saying it was left with ya'll?! Now I guess we're gonna go to the post office tomorrow and see if somehow they got taken back there. If not, I'm coming back to the apartment office and personally going to dig through all their crap until I find my clomid! I'm supposed to start taking this stuff on Thursday, and I don't feel like ordering more of it because their incompitent asses lost our packages!

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    heh I thought I was the only one. Just over a year ago in a previous complex they lost my nolva. Then they tried to say they left it on my doorstep which is bs because I was on the top floor and knew all my neighbors well. They just don't take responsibility for their fvck ups.

    sorry to hear about your loss.

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    ****, hope you dont need it urgently

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    Well, I need to start taking the stuff Thursday

    Someone's gonna pay for this crap, and it's not gonna be me.

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