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Thread: Moving

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    Scotty, beam me up


    Tomorrow 12 a clock Im moving back to my own apartment in the town my university is in. DAMN its gonna be good to have my own place again. This year living with my sister, her husband and 2 kids have been the biggest test of my patience ever in my entire life.

    Gonna enjoy walking around naked again.
    Gonna enjoy farting without people whining.
    Gonna enjoy watching any god damn tv channel I want without some muther****er that wants to watch some crap.
    Gonna enjoy sleeping a LONG time without 2 kids(5 and 2 years old)screaming and fighting.
    Gonna enjoy the SILENCE!
    Gonna enjoy playing music as loud as I want to when I want to!
    Gonna enjoy having my own computer again.
    Gonna enjoy watching porn when I want to.
    Most of all Im gonna enjoy NOT having people ****ing around with my stuff

    But Im NOT gonna enjoy beeing without a internet connection for 2 weeks

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    Its a small price to pay for your freedom

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    Sounds fun!

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    You don't have to hide your gear anymore either!! Party on!

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