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Thread: how do u know?

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    how do u know?

    How do u know if you broke your tailbone.. First I fell on the floor in my room.. I went to go sit down and I lost my balance and I fell really hard and slammed my tailbone. Instantly it hurt. Then yesturday I fell down the stairs on my tailbone. I was in so much pain that I threw up afterwards.. I am still in alot of pain now. the most pain is when i get up from sitting down. i can not sit completely on my butt, i have to sit foward. een when i walk it hurts. i don't know what i did to it. all i know is that i am a clutz.....


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    I think the coccyx is pretty hard to break. You may have something to the extent of coccydynia. I would have someone check it out. I could check it out for you

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    do u have a small tail ? jk
    can u put ur hand on it and press a bit if u cant and hurts like shit u better check it out good luck

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    its probably just bruised.... ive bruised mine before and it takes FOREVER to heal. If you are unsure then definately go to your doctor.... you'll have to sit on an inflatable donut.

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