Well i didnt get to see it today. I was very pissed off and disappointed in the retards they have working at the local Harkins Theater.

First off it is 116 degrees outside and there is a line to get into the movies. No biggie though because the line is moving pretty good. I finally get up to the window and ask for one senior and one adult ticket. By the way, when i was in the line I noticed that the tv screens that display the movies times and shows are not working. The retarded girl at the counter tells me they have only a few seats left in the room and they are in the very front row. Forget that! So I ask "what else is playing that we could go see?" I begin to tell her that the tv screens are not working and I dont know what else is playing right now and I am trying to make a second choice.

She mumbles some shit and says inside at guest services they have a listing. So we walk in side and there is another f'ing line for that, so I go over to the hard working ticket ripper kid who is doing about a job hard as picking a nose. Good deal! He has a listing and we see that Mr. and Mrs. Smith is playing and we are going to make an attempt to see that.

So I ask the little f'er "Since we already waiting in line to find out that show was sold out could we just walk up and get our tickets. He proceeds to ask me "what do I want to do with my tickets?" Like I am speaking some foreign language or some crap! At this point I want to choke the little piss ant and I being to speak slow enough so he can understand the basics of the english language. I just told the retard that the movie was sold out! How F'ing clear can I be?

Little be hold the bastard tells me I can get back in line at guest services and purchase my ticket there. For the love of mary! I just spent a butt load of time in one line and now i have to get back in another line.

My question is since the day screens did not work and i specifically asked the first ass much what else was playing. Why did they not have a print out for the retards issuing tickets?

I am just dumb founded by the lack of skills and brain power in the work place.

Freakin Harkins is on my shit list now! AMC is where I am going to watch my flicks!