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Thread: God Bless TV!

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    God Bless TV!

    There channel here, I call it the "sensationalist channe" TQS here in Quebec, anyway always showing stupid shit and picking up at anything!

    So today in the news

    "Blowjobs contest in parties for 12-13 years old"

    So I said to everyone around "hey they believe everything kids tell them these days "

    so they are showing an interview with a 12yo saying "ohhh we time them usually they cum in a hour or so"

    YEAH right!!!!!!!! 12 yo guy cumming after an hour blowjob!

    Sheez at 12 I was cumming at the sight of skin!

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    At 12 i never thought aboutanything to do with sex........ not until i was prob about 14/15.

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