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    what is this guy talking about?

    hey guys...

    im kinda cheat day or NOT to cheat day.

    a guy i know was saying that b/c of my pics and goals i should have no cheat days and hit clean foods all the time. then once i get lean then cheat day once a week to pike metabolic rates...but shouldnt i do it now as well to keep me re fueled?

    i dont know...i have some pics up here from a while ago but im about 21lbs less guess its working? a bit confused...thanks

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    A cheat meal once per week is a good idea to speed the metabolism and also give you a "reward" for the hard work done all week. You don't have to eat crap food all day long, no, but you can do a carb re-feed if you are doing a low carb diet and that works well.
    Or, you can have one big "junk" meal, then eat clean the rest of the day as you normally would.

    If you are "truly" dieting and eat the same energy/calories daily, you need to shock the thyroid to keep it humming along. Go too long w/out kickin' it in the ass, and your metabolism will slow down, thus making fat loss that much harder.


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    Sometimes your body needs that cheat to covert into energy, if I dont cheat or get plenty of carbs, I get tired and weak as shit.

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