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    Girlfriends, Signifigant others

    So if your seeing or with a person (guy or girl) do you talk to them EVERY day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by needmorestrength
    So if your seeing or with a person (guy or girl) do you talk to them EVERY day?

    i think this is relative to the person, like if you just started dating someone or if you have been togather for awhile, i myself in a serious relationship wold talk and mostlikly see the person im with minimun once a day, bu if im dateing them for like a week a two i would talk them maybe once aday or not at all i normally call them i stay pretty busy and i hate when chicks are always calling my phone i like to have me time, most of the day so i do all the calling it's better that way IMO

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    i'd say i do almost every day but like usually we talk about right now for a long time and shit but man i gott go to bed sometimes so sometimes i won't call her around 10 and just like talk during the day chit chat how ya doin' shit.

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    haha,yea i like to have my "me time" also.i usually have it about twice a day.

    but how long u been with this girl.if not thats her sometime during the day.but only talk for 5-10 minutes max,and tell her "well im gonna go eat but if you want u should call me" or something along that always worked for me,

    if youve been with her for a long time.sorry

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    yea i live with her

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