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    Freaky Ghost video!!!

    not sure if this was already posted...but i can't tell if its real or of the freakiest ghost videos i have ever seen

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    at first i was lookin all close with my eyes on the screen and then i thought......

    i better back up....sure enough another ****in joke

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    i bet thats his girl.

    since we're on the topic of girls poppin up and down. I was at work last night, i had to close. And there was this couple sittin gin a booth on the empty side of the restaurant. I saw them both there, but on a pass by them later i noticed she was gone.... then apon a quick glimps back, i saw with my perifial vision, her head pop up from his lap. And this happened more than once. So all of us who were bustin tables that night sat by the bar and just watched as she went back down for the cawk!
    I thought it was cool. lol

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