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    ~*The official Rant thread*~

    Freaking Muda Fuka cold blooded cheater GRRRRRRrrrrrrrr Why R u so Stupid....

    Lying Beeyatch pyce of sh#t ARGgghhhhh

    I can't open this stupid damn soda can ...

    Damn it, I think i just broke a nail! Owwww!

    wha , wha , what do you think I am venting about

    Now your turn... Go on Yell ,Shout, Scream and let it go.

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    Im gonna rant for a sec about the moron at work who said i wasnt a true canadain because i didnt like/watch hockey. You can lick my nuts man, dissin me because i dont waste my time and watch hockey, dissin me because i dont sit around on the couch 4-5 nights out of the week and do nothin but stare at the tube munchin out on potato chips.

    You should see this guy, thinks he knows everything about bodybuilding and steroids and pretty much everything out there that has to do with getting big or fighting, he's 30 years or age, he's only 5'5, hes balding, and he looks like shit, so its no wonder why this guy feels the need to tell me about all the things im doing wrong and how id look better if i did what he was doing?????????? hes just pissed off at the fact that everything i do or have is better than what he does or has.

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