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    Gym shut down!!!

    So i went to go to the gym yesterday and when i get there it is closed, people from the bank are there ripping out every peice of machinery every weight even the floors!!.. aparently they went bankrupt like overnight cause they didn't pay rent so now nobody is getting thier membership fees back.. luckly it was a cheaper gym like $200 for the year.. but still i had like 5months left and now i gotta join one of those stupid hype high price gyms.. I'm so freakin pissed on top of that i'm flat broke from the holidays.. and i'm in pct so i gotta workout!!

    anybody know what gym i'm talkin about? feelin my pain?

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    sucks bro...couldnt have come at a worse time on pct huh...thats a simialar situation i will be in this summer cause i will be on pct and the only gym that has everything needed is like 350 for 3

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    My gym closed recently too. They put a post office in the building. When it was under construction I was all excited, hoping it would reopen. But nope. Sorry to hear.

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    I think it's whack that a place can go out of biz like that and you have to eat the money you spent.

    They should be accountable to pay you back somehow, that just doesn't seem right. I know they are bankrupt, but still, they should have it owed to you as soon as they get any money at all.


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    Well its the creditors who get paid first, then shareholder(if any) and THEN customers, point: you wont get anything

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    This happen to me years ago......... one day it was open and the next day it was closed....... samething happened too..... people broke in and stole all the db and plates and anything they could carry out

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    I've had 3 gyms close on me in the last 4 or 5 years. They were all hardcore powerlifting gyms. Now I'm forced to lift in a fitness center. One of the gyms just reopened this past week with new owners, but I'm afraid to go back there and have it close down on me in 6 months too. It sucks, I used to pay 6 months or a year at a time, but now I'm sticking to paying by the month.

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