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    What's Up With Sources?

    I remember reading a while back that sources have been more quiet and hush hush. Some people even said communication between them and their sources was very slow, and in some cases no response at all. Where is all this heat coming from? And is it over yet?

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    since the HBO special, the Gov. has been on a roid bust kick.. Diesel you are right, it pretty much made the Gov look like a bunch of morons. so that is why everything is so tight... i am sure this will all blow over here pretty soon..

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    Not enough people are protective of their sources and i guess the guys are laying low but they also have a life which they have to deal with and programs like HBO does little to increase their sales!

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    I doubt it will stay this way. The US government tightened up the border after Sept 11 and it is slowly easing up, although security is still high. I'm sure the HBO special will force them to go hard for a while, but I don't think it will last. There are only so many resources to fight the drug trade and steroids aren't a priority. Its a PR move and some people will have to suffer for their bad image.

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    EXCESS is exactly right, it will be tight lip for awhile and within a few months should begin to open back up. If I was a source, which I'm not, it would be a great time to take a siesta for a few months.

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