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    Exclamation sports drinks and dangers

    I always have a case of powerade (in the cans) at home to drink instead of water since they seem very refreshing, but Ive been drinking a lot of them so my question is:

    sodium 43mgs
    patassium 47mgs

    per can.

    now isnt this kinda like salt? and to much salt is bad for you...

    Im sure it can't be good to have 3-4 of these a day

    anyone know anything about my concerns?

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    Hey bro,

    Do you drink only powerade? or just now and then as a water sub?

    I would have to say from what ive always been told that they are ok for POST workout since it has carbs to make you feel better quick.

    But you are right the extra sodium on top of however much you normally eat cannot be good at all.

    Whats your stats? Do you think this is stopping you from gains/ fat loss or just making sure your doing right?

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    They also have the same amount of surgars in them as a coke or pepsi. So what is the benifet of them...Just stick with water and you can't go wrong.

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    yea, and they also contain "high fructose corn syrup" in them, which means the carbs are time released. Kool aid would be better for post workout because the simple sugars are delivered directly to the muscles, nit time released. IMHO, sports drinks suck (but they sure taste good eh)

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    Go with Crystal Lite or even Diet Soda. That has too many simple sugars. Good to consume while you play basketball,soccer,hockey, or another endurance event to replace electrolytes and glycogen levels. Not so good if you're sitting at a desk.

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    Yes to much salt is bad for you, but you workout right? Meaning you sweat alot, probly more then the average human, meaning adding some extra salt wont kill you. It´s actually good for you!

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