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    need good date ideas!!!!

    Hey all, I've got a date coming up that I'm really looking forward too. Racking my brain trying to come up with something amazing...don't want it to be romantic, more fun/exciting. I live in West Palm Beach Fl (so it's kinda close to the water) if that helps with any ideas. Thanks so much

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    at the gym

    that is a very good question

    frist date ?? i think frist date means a lot. first impression is, u want to show her that u r a fun guy, who just want to get to know her a bit more....and frist date tells u if there will be a second date...... i guess if u want a second date, u want to know as much as possible about her ( discretfully), ..and of course u also want to check her beach is an excellnt place to do all that....u guys could play volleyball, or rollerblade, then get an ice cream......

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    I did this on a first date and it worked out very well-bitch cheated on me down the road but the date was good.

    Skydiving, or if you don't want to do that, take her to one of those indoor skydiving places.
    Instead of taking her to a restaraunt. Pack up some homemade goodies and take her on a picnic afterwards. You can cook up some Shrimp Alfredo and pack some Bree cheese & crackers, steamed asparagus with Holandays sauce and a nice Cianti Classico.-Very easy to throw together.
    After filling up, take another suprise turn and head to the gun range and teach her how to shoot. If she doesn't putt a bullet in your knee cap at that point, the dates going quite allright.
    After my date and I finished shooting, we ended the night at a club with some friends, but after you've finished the above said, you should have a pretty good idea of whats she's like and be able to come up with something spontaneous that she would find to be a good time.

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