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    cytodyne takes it to the next level!

    So i get my m+f in the mail. I open it up and am reading it in bed before sleepy-head time. I get to the one of the first advertisements out of the 24,480,693,217.8 ads that appear in a typical issue. Lo and behold a cytodyne ad for myo-blast. I see the first picture where as guy claims to have gained 24,000 lbs of lean muscle in only 3 hrs (ok, ok, it was 18 lbs gain, 4.5% fat loss in 12 weeks) and start rolling. my gf (who is beside me reading) asks what is so funny, and I show her the picture and say look at his chest. she then proceeds to say:

    "It looks like hes lactating!"

    This just makes the whole situation funnier to me. She (who doesnt know anything about juice) doesnt understand why, which makes it funnier to me.

    This really takes the cake. If you are gonna publish the picture at least use a photoeditor to get rid of the knobs behind you nipples. I mean cumon, do they really think the typical person reading m+f has never heard of gynecomastia ?

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    classic, bro ... I'll have to check that out for a good laugh

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