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    Mar 2002

    Say something happy for AR!!!!

    Hey guys and ladies,

    I hope to take the honour to start a thread that compliments this board. Though there have been threads like this before but I have, honestly, read enough of all the grey comments and it is time for some brightness to come into the thread(gosh... I am not drunk when I am saying this.)

    1. Now I am not trying to bring this board up to its peak again because it has never, in my opinion, gone down.
    2. I am not a ball cupper and I do not need to please anyone.
    3. I missed my moderators especially those cocky ones. Including Pete, my favourite
    4. Fuck you if you still have something bad to say about us.

    Ok, here's my contribution:

    AR Rocks! So do the moderators and the vets and huge MOFO here.

    I love you all. Muacks!! Muacks!!


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    Jun 2002
    By far the most mature fitness board on the net!!

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    The Rink!!
    I love this place because of the people (mods, vets, and all other members) and the rules. These rules may piss some of you off from time to time..but stick around long enough and one of these rules will end up helping you out some day.

    to the best board and web site on the entire World Wide Web!

    AR ROCKS...

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    Orange County, CA
    One of the most educational forums on the net, regardless of type of forum/genre.

    I also visit (excellent forums) and a few other hobby-related forums.

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    Its the rules,the members,the mods,the vets,and the admin that make the board what it is without just one of those we have nothing.

    AR is the best because we have them all and we have intelligance,humour,educated discussions and above all its not just a board its a community.

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    freakout is offline Associate Member
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    Mar 2002

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    Aug 2001
    The senior members from RI really make this board what it is.

    This place helped me out a lot. I would have never known about clomid, novla, arimidex , **, ala, milk thistle. All the important things. My cycles would have been like 400 mg deca a week until I ran out... and that's it.

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    I have learned more here, than I ever thought possible, and made some good friends too. OG thanks for all your advice bro!

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