All yesterday and all morning all i did was get my self pumped for my back workout. I was looking forward to deadlifting and power clinging today. Well i woke up today, did everything i had to do. Finally i went to the gym. As i was finishing up on the lat pull downs i stood up took a step and twisted my ankle.. It hurt so bad too.. So i just laid their for alittle to let the stinging stop and already fustrated i decided i was going to atleast try to deadlift. Every time id lift the bar off the rack it would be a whole lot of pain but i still worked through my sets but wasnt able to go above 275. And let me tell you once i would put the bar down, it felt like hell. and i wasnt even able to Cling 135 without losing my balance or going through alot of pain.

there went a perfectly good back workout!